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What makes watches of Alexander Shorokhoff unique?
Alexander Shorokhoff is an independent brand with headquarters in Alzenau, Bavaria.
The watches of Alexander Shorokhoff are made in Germany in accordance to the quality standards of the European watch industry.
Alexander Shorokhoff watches have a unique innovative, provocative design causing emotions and are addressed to demanding and self-confident individualists.
Alexander Shorokhoff watches have a good price-performance ratio.
Alexander Shorokhoff watches are distinguished by their hand engraved movements. Thanks to their glass backs the beauty of the movements becomes visible.
Each watch maker of the Alexander Shorokhoff manufactory is responsible for his watch, from A to Z.
After assembling each Alexander Shorokhoff watch gets a certificate with the signature of its watchmaker.
Alexander Shorokhoff watches are not mass production. This means exclusivity for the jewellers or specialised dealers that are selling them.
The brand Alexander Shorokhoff has an enormous future potential. At the moment the manufacturer is developing its own watch movement.
The manufacturer is offering a local service.
Alexander Shorokhoff watches

Alexander Shorokhoff - Chrono - buy luxury watches in Germany

Chrono AS.CO1

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Alexander Shorokhoff - Regulator - buy luxury watches in Geramny

Regulator AS.RO1

RO1 watch by Alexander Shorokhoff is the watch for self-confident man: manly, uncompromising, straight. Learn more about this model

Alexander Shorokhoff - Miss Avantgarde - buy luxury watches in Geramny

Miss Avantgarde

The design of the model “Miss Avantgarde” is cheeky and provocative, but at the same time innovative and self-confident. Learn more about this model

Alexander Shorokhoff. Handcrafted obsessions.

In the middle of Alzenau, a little town in Bavaria is situated the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufacturer, producing mechanical watches and distributing them all over the world.
In 1992, after attending a further training course at the Ministry of Economics in Hessen, Alexander Shorokhov, the founder of the manufactory, had first established a sales company; later, in 1994 he started his own watch brand in the middle price sector; in 2003, as a well-versed designer and watch producer, he succeeded to apply his new brand “Alexander Shorokhoff” for a patent under his own name. The two “f” at the end of the brands name underline his Russian roots and the historical background of the new watch brand what is not denied by him, but he is proud of.

His aim was to create exclusive, high valued, mechanical watches. He took on high-qualified gifted watchmakers, engravers and designers selected with deliberation, and he started to develop the design, the production and the sale of his products.

The main task for Alexander Shorokhov is the fabrication of watches. This is not easy. To produce high-quality watches is very difficult and requires a large competence.

Alexander Shorokhov. A cosmopolite with Russian roots.

Alexander Shorokhov Alexander was a scion of a prosperous family in Moscow with interest in art, literature and music which he had already developed in his early youth. He also had a keen interest in anything mechanical and architecture. No wonder then he enrolled at the age of 18 at Moscow University in the faculty of engineering. Immediately after his final examination, he started working for a construction company moving quickly up the ladder from a foreman to a director which he followed by a brief political career as people’s representative in Moscow which gave him the necessary experience in politics.

Due to his good performance he was one of the few to be selected by Michael Gorbatchov alongside other young and talented Russian managers to be sent to Germany in order to become acquainted with the free market – in the sense of “Glasnost” and “Perestroika”.

It was long before he found his way and established a watch sales company in order to commercialise the best Russian watch brand in Western Europe. Success was quick and sweet while his company in Germany became a world-wide trading enterprise.

Sale of representing the old and established Russian watch brands was just a beginning as in 2003, he created his own watch brand using his name which was his all time dream to be able to produce his own watches implying entirely his cultural roots as well as his passion for precision, aesthetics and exclusiveness.

The result of his efforts is watches which have no equals in rare faction and ambition. Nowadays, passionate discussion within high-class circles of watch connoisseurs is unthinkable without his watches.